Services We Provide
(We take care of all species of animals)

Pet Sitting Rates

One animal
1 Visit per day $20.00
2 Visits per day $30.00
3 Visits per day $40.00

1st additional cat, dog, or horse/farm animal free
Each additional cat add $3.00 per day
Each additional dog add $4.00 per day
Each additional horse/farm animal add $5.00 per day
Please email or call for rate quotes for other animals  

In home Pocket pet boarding at our house $6.50

Medicating animal - additional $2.00 per day

Add a 20 minute walk to your pet sitting service - $8.00

Pet Transportation - We can drop off/pick up your pet at
the vet, groomers etc. Also if  an emergency arises and
your pet needs to be taken to an emergency vet for
treatment cost of transport does apply. - $20 per trip

Vet Waiting Time $20 per half hour

Pet Supplies Transportation - If you run out of supplies
during your pet sit and I must go to replenish them a
$10.00 fee on top of the amount paid for the supplies will
be charged.

All pet visits include feeding and cleaning up after your
pet, turning on/off lights, taking in mail/paper,
closing/opening drapes, watering plants, notifying you by
email about pets well being.

Holiday Rates please add 20%( Christmas, Christmas
Eve, Thanksgiving, New years, New years Eve, Easter,
July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day)

Free consultation to meet all of your animals and discuss

Other services available upon request


Referral Discounts 20% off of your next invoice (once
person who was referred completes a booking)

Intel Discount 10%

We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card  and payments
using Paypal.